How do you feel about cold weather?

It doesn’t bother me as much as extremely hot weather does.

Bundled up in warm clothes, sipping a hot cup of tea in my backyard is my idea of luxury.

A bit of both

Are you a leader or a follower?

Come to think of it, I am more of a follower when I don’t really believe in the cause. I don’t reject things right away, hence I follow.

I am an introvert for the most part, but when I am driven or really motivated towards something, I lead and make sure I go all in.



I recently took a break from work. I planned to spend my time gardening and started off with some morning glory seeds in a midsize plant pot.They seemed to be growing fast initially but eventually withered away.

From then I’ve been trying to grow pudina/ mint from the used stalks. I planted the pruned mint stems in soil and waited for a few weeks, with regular watering of course. But half of them only withered and the other half weren’t quite so satisfactory.

Now, I’m trying to grow them in water. It actually looks quite refreshing when I keep them that way. I love the smell of fresh pudina / mint and hope it grows and sprouts new leaves in time for my next Chicken briyani 😋

Dazzling Anirudh evening

Prudential center, Newark.

Excited faces showed up despite the rain and chilly weather at the Newark Prudential Center for Anirudh’s concert on Saturday. The insane evening started off with a two hour delay. But it progressed very well and the performance sure made up for it!

I’ve never been to a gathering of this magnitude before and to see the 18,000-seat arena nearly full was overwhelming!

When the Jumbotron lifted to show the night’s hero Anirudh Ravichander, the crowd went almost beserk. All of us felt so pumped and calmed at the same time. It’s not everyday a Legendary Music Composer shows up from your home country! To hear songs that you once had on loop, songs that boosted you up, songs that pulled you through, all in one place and performed live by its creator, is definitely, incredibly magical!

There were three sets and every minute had me hooked. Anirudh made a spectacular entrance everytime. The third one was particulary good as he danced all the way up the stage to high energy beats with a brilliant dance troupe around him.

The concert had bonus performances of Singers Jonita Gandhi and Aditya R K. The arena had roaring vibes and unified voices rocked the arena during all melody numbers in the second set.

In all, I felt good, relaxing with friends and strangers alike. All stress and sense of time went away for those couple of hours and I am thankful for it.

Anirudh’s One Upon A Time Tour goes live at six places in the United States, ending at Oakland, CA on April 15th. To the best!! 🥂